Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement to attend?

All festival goers must be at least 21 years old with a valid government issued ID, Driver’s License, or Passport.

Are tickets transferable?

Tickets cannot be transferred to another name. However, you may print your barcoded ticket at home and give it to someone else. In the event that you do not have a barcoded ticket then we can look up your order by name at Will Call. Valid photo ID MUST match the name on the ticket that was purchased in order to claim ticket(s) at Will Call. Will Call will issue a wristband for each valid ticket. The wristband will grant you entry into the festival. You cannot give your wristband to anyone else after you pick it up at Will Call.

Are there refunds?

No. All sales are final. Lineup is subject to change without notice.

Can I buy tickets at the festival?

Yes, there will be tickets available at Will Call during the festival. Will Call opens at 8 AM on Friday, January 12th and 9 AM on Saturday, January 13th and Sunday, January 14th. Cash or credit/debit card accepted.

What’s the parking situation?

All cars must purchase a parking pass. Parking passes can be pre-purchased online for $25 or at Will Call during the festival for $30. Cars may re-enter each day.

RV parking passes can be pre-purchased online for $60 or bought at Will Call for $75. Cars towing travel trailers will only need to purchase an RV parking pass. No re-entry allowed for RVs.

Any vehicle not parked in a designated Distant Dimension parking lot or without a parking pass will be subject to be towed. Parking passes cannot be transferred after use.

Will there be RV hookups?


Do I have to camp?

No. Camping is included in your 3-day and 2-day ticket, but not required. There are plenty of hotels that are located within 10 minutes from the venue. Maddox Ranch is located in Lakeland, FL which is about a 30-minute drive from both Tampa and Orlando. Single day tickets do not include camping. You must buy a 3-day or 2-day ticket if you wish to camp.

Can I camp in or by my car?

Car camping is not allowed. However, the parking lot will be close to the campground. Arrive early to get the closest camping spots.

What time is music being played?

Music will run from 10 AM to 11 PM each day. Afterwards, we will have special pop up events (to be announced at the festival) for our attendees who are camping with us (must have a camping wristband). Single day tickets are valid from 10 AM to 11 PM each day.

Can I start a campfire or spin fire at the festival?

No. Open flames are strictly prohibited. Anyone caught with an open flame will be immediately escorted off the premises and ejected from the festival.

Can I bring a grill with me if I am camping?

Only mini portable propane/butane grills that use the smaller 16.4 oz. tanks (the green Coleman tanks) will be allowed. No charcoal or wood burning grills allowed. Please limit yourself to bringing only (2) 16.4 oz. propane tanks.

Can I bring my dog or pet with me?

No. All dogs and other pets are strictly prohibited.

What time can I enter the festival at? Can I re-enter?

Gates will open at 8 AM on January 12 and at 9 AM on January 13th and 14th. Gates will close at 10 PM each day. Entry and re-entry are allowed any time during that period. Re-entry is only valid for those with a camping wristband. Single day entrants will not be allowed re-entry. After 11 PM, no one may enter the festival grounds. You may only exit once the gates are closed. No exceptions!

What time do I have to leave if I am camping?

All campers must vacate the festival grounds by 11 AM on January 15th. No exceptions! Remember to LEAVE NO TRACE! Let’s keep Maddox Ranch beautiful!

Will there be ice sold at the festival?

Yes. Ice will be available for purchase.

Will there be food vendors?

Yes, there will be a variety of food options available for purchase. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available as well.

When will the food vendors be open?

Friday, January 12th        12 PM – 3 AM

Saturday, January 13th    9 AM – 3 AM

Sunday, January 14th      9 AM – 3 AM

Will there be bars?

Yes. There will be bars located throughout the festival for your drinking pleasure. Bars will sell beer, wine, and ciders.

When will the bars be open?

Friday, January 12th           10 AM – 2 AM

Saturday, January 13th       9 AM – 2 AM

Sunday, January 14th         12 PM – 2 AM

Are the food vendors, general store, and bars cash only?

Yes, the food vendors, general store, and bars will be cash only. We will have ATMs onsite for anyone who needs to withdraw cash.

Can I bring alcohol into my campsite?

A reasonable amount of unopened beer, wine, or liquor (limited to one [1] case of canned beer, one [1] box of wine, or [1] 750ml bottle of liquor per person) is permitted. NO GLASS ALLOWED! Kegs or vending of alcohol is not permitted on the festival grounds. Must have a camping wristband in order to bring in alcohol.  Single day entrants will not be allowed to bring in any outside food or beverage.

What can I do with my trash?

This is a strictly leave no trace event. Please bring a trash bag with you or grab one from the General Store. Dumpsters will be on site, but we highly encourage everyone to take all their trash with them when they leave. Let’s keep this beautiful venue looking as pristine as when you arrived. The best way to minimize your impact is to minimize the amount of trash you bring into the festival.

I forgot something at home, what do I do?

We will have a General Store on-site that will sell many of the most common items that you may have forgotten. Toiletries, merchandise, sunscreen, bug spray, and more will be available.

Can I bring my speakers to the event?

Sound systems and speakers are not allowed. Renegade stages will not be permitted.

Can I bring a generator?

Generators will not be allowed in the main campground. Generators will only be allowed in the RV camping area. No renegade sound systems! This will be strictly enforced!

Will there be emergency services on site?

There will be 24-hour medical support available for the duration of the event. Please visit the medical tent or let any staff member or security know if an emergency situation occurs. Please keep a look out for your fellow festival goers’ safety. If you see someone in need of help, then please say something to our staff. Safety is our first priority.

Are there showers?

There are showers that will be available during the daylight hours. However, we cannot guarantee that the hot water will last for everyone. We suggest that you arrive earlier in the day to ensure a nice hot shower!

Are you accepting vending applications?

We are not looking to add any additional vendors.

What items can’t I bring?

 Prohibited Items include:

– Illegal substances

– Drugs / Drug Paraphernalia

– Nitrous oxide tanks / Duster

– Glass bottles / jars

– Sound systems

– Absolutely no open flames

– Generators (except for RV’s)

– Charcoal / Open Flame Grills

– Pets / Animals

– Drones

– Fireworks

– Guns (Toy or Real)

– Weapons of any kind

– Pointed knives of any kind (including pocket knives)

– Bikes / Skateboards / Skates / Scooters / Golf Carts

– Stickers / Flyers / Banners

– Musical instruments (including whistles)

– Air horns

– Megaphones

– Professional recording equipment

– Laser pointers

– Native American Headdresses (Let’s please be respectful of the culture of others)

– Items that pose a threat to the safety and/or experience of the event as deemed by management

Single Day entrants are subject to these additional restrictions:

  • Allowed only one small bag or single compartment backpack (maximum 12” x 12”)
  • No camping equipment (tents, seating, cooking equipment, coolers, etc.)
  • No outside food or beverage
  • No re-entry
  • Admission valid from 10 AM to 11 PM each day