About Distant Dimension

Distant Dimension is an annual 3-day music and camping festival held at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, FL. The festival showcases the biggest house music artists from across the globe. Upon entry, festival goers are transported into a distant dimension filled with whimsical, bohemian charm, booming house beats, and a culture that is built on love and unity.

The annual event is hosted by Furious Funk, a Tampa-based record label that is focused on tech-house and journeys into shades of deep house and techno. Furious Funk was originally formed as Furious Funk Records (FFR) in 2013 by Danny Kadesky aka Suddenly Strange. FFR was dedicated to bringing the best dance music to masses and encompassed all genres of electronic music. FFR began throwing parties in early 2014 with a focus on showcasing their signed local talent.

As time went on the founder’s love for house music grew, and the decision was made to re-brand as Furious Funk and focus solely on house music. The founder also decided to up the ante on the shows he was throwing by booking some of the biggest house music artists from across the globe to headline his FF parties. Furious Funk soon gained the reputation for being the “it” party hosting some of the biggest and best shows in the Tampa area. After a few successful years of throwing shows, Furious Funk decided it was time to help further grow the house music scene in central Florida and Distant Dimension was born.